Raves & reviews

“Amanda played a pivotal role in putting new systems into place within our business.

She took time to understand the function of the business and then quickly created a plan for us to implement immediately.

Her sincere attitude and her exemplary organisational skills would be an asset to anyone who uses her services.”

Tom and Trudi Afford, Dymon Blinds

“Your transition workshop was great & my son definitely came away feeling a lot more confident about transitioning.  He’s been bugging me ever since to get to Officeworks for his stationery, we will do that today!  He has my yearn for being organised, we now just need to get really set up with his desk, folders, clock etc… so thanks for doing what you do!”

Nicole Jamieson, Year 6 parent

“A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I am no longer scared and confused about going to secondary school – I am now excited and happy to be going. I hope you can come again next year to help the next students that are going through the same trauma”.

Year 6 Student at Moonee Ponds West PS on transitioning to secondary school

“I attended Amanda’s ‘Taking the Leap to Secondary School’ Workshop and even though I have a son that currently goes to Maribyrnong College who has been through the transition phase from Primary to Secondary School I found the session invaluable.  There were ideas and hints to make it easier for my youngest son and us as a family to assist with this important transition phase.  I would recommend this workshop to all parents and Year 6 children to make them feel more at ease and aware of the changes and expectations as a Year 7 student.”

Anne Adams, Year 6 Parent, Moonee Ponds West Primary School

“And so my study is now organised again a year later! Ready to transition to the new office very soon. Thank you once again Amanda fromOrganising You – Organising Students you make the process fun and easy each time!”

Anna Pino, Small business owner and mum

“Amanda ran a to the point transition workshop that helped both parents and students understand what to expect from secondary school.  Amanda was very friendly, easy going and likeable, allowing parents and students the opportunity to speak freely about their concerns.  Students and parents left the workshop with a smile on their face and with a better indication of what to expect in the year to come”

Danielle – Year 6 teacher – St. John’s XXIII Primary School

“Making the decision to allow someone foreign into my home was initially a daunting thought, however once Amanda entered my house, she made me feel completely at ease.  She could relate to me and my disorganisation without judgement and this immediately allowed me to feel comfortable and safe.

Amanda directed the process and was able to take charge of the task at hand, where she delegated either personal or important tasks to me, speeding up the whole process.  What I thought was impossible to do in a day, we did in half a day – painlessly.  Even better Amanda did not leave me with any thing to clear up after her departure, she took with her what need to be recycled, donated and shredded.  She also checked that I deposited the $500 cheque that she found (from 3 years ago!!) – Bonus!!

It was an even better process than I had imagined.  I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, refreshed and invigorated to keep the new processes she implemented with me in place.  An uncluttered house, is an uncluttered mind.

Thank you so much Amanda!!!”

Nancy Abdou, Business Client, Glen Waverley

“I like the way you approach both the organising and me – it feels very much like you are helping me to get what I want done but find very hard to do myself. You don’t impose order, you work with me to discover it. That’s very cool.”

Small Business Owner, Brunswick

“The study skills sessions facilitated by Amanda Lecaude at Organising Students strive to build up positive learner attitudes towards working hard, but smart, by using various study skills and techniques – there are significant benefits for not only the students, but subsequently, for teachers as well”.

Megan Rawlins, Assistant Principal, Mount Alexander College

Belinda Fischer, parent of student who completed the Student Success Program

“Following a kitchen renovation, I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I needed to get back into my kitchen and figuring out where to put it all. Amanda was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and I was so glad I called upon her services. In just a few hours she had my kitchen organised and a logical home for everything. I learnt a few things about myself in the process and some tips that will help to keep me more organised in the future. I’m now looking forward to getting her back to organise my daughter! Many thanks Amanda.”

Anne, East Brunswick – Kitchen organisation project

“I am totally amazed and so grateful of the transformation you’ve helped us with.  The work isn’t quite finished yet but it’s still like living in a different and spacious home”.

Couple, Ferntree Gully

Hi Amanda, just wanted to say that my daughter and I really enjoyed the workshop last week (10 Nov 2016).  She feels confident for transitioning into high school next year.  Great tips and information to help her with this process. Thanks so much!

Mieke Krijgsman, Grade 6 parent, Essendon Primary School

“Thank you – I can’t tell you how much it made a huge difference just having you there to work with me on my kitchen and to make sensible suggestions such as putting like items with like and making everything seem more manageable and less overwhelming”.

Sarah Felice, Glen Iris

The organising workshop was practical and included elements of transition which are relevant to all Year sixes, regardless of their chosen school.

It provided them with different skills they would need, a useful video of year 7s talking about what they faced and it definitely got our students thinking about secondary school earlier than they otherwise would have.

Grade 6 teacher, Parkwood Green Primary School

Thank you for the transition workshop – it was very useful and I am glad I came with my son.

He seems much calmer about the whole process now and he really liked the practical tips, especially around homework as that is a major worry for him.

Carmen, Grade 6 parent

My son now feels more prepared about going to secondary school after the transition workshop and he found the diary/planner exercise very useful to learn how to plan and manage his time.  He also gained many other tips from the workshop that he can put into practice next year.

Thank you for a fantastic workshop which has reduced a little of his anxieties about what to expect and as a parent this is a relief.

Karen, parent of Grade 6 student

Louise, Parent of Year 7 Student

“A massive shout out to Amanda from Organising You who has been with me for the last 2 days sorting my double garage that was filled to capacity (a serious workout lifting and sorting boxes non stop) . The transformation is amazing I have a little tiny bit left to do before I reveal the before and after photos. We can now get a car in it !! Feels great to get everything organised ready for the biggest year ever. Amanda has been great and has helped us sort the laundry, the office and other parts of our house. If you need anyone she is your girl.
I have no shame in admitting to all that I was completely hopeless at this stuff and happy to find someone who has a passion for it to help me get organised.”

Kylie, Templestowe – March 2016

“I have known Amanda for approximately 12 months now.  As a woman and a proud mum I was a little hesitant at first to give Amanda a call as its always hard to say you need a little help and was worried that she would judge me.

From the first time I made contact with Amanda she was just so reassuring and not judgmental in the slightest!

When she first arrived at my house we set about making a list of the areas I would like to change in the house and how we could go about it. Amanda’s skills are absolutely incredible! She truly does not stop working from the minute she arrives, de-cluttering and tidying, making suggestions and taking away any unwanted items to local charities.

Well, 12 months on, thanks to Amanda I am truly a different woman. Together we have de-cluttered and organised my laundry, office and paperwork, my two little girls wardrobes and bedrooms, our attic,  my wardrobe and living room.  Not only am I delighted but so is my husband and two girls. Now I know where everything is and everything has its place!! So much easier to tidy everything without the clutter!

Not only have I learned so much from Amanda but I now consider her a friend.  We always have a bit of a chat and laugh whilst we are working, making it a great day.  I have recommended Amanda to many of my friends and colleagues and only wish I had called her sooner!  She is now lovingly referred to in our household as ‘Amanda the WonderWoman!’ “

Family client, Aberfeldie

“We found Amanda to be likeable, friendly and helpful.  We felt Amanda understood well the complexities of a busy life as she is a busy parent too!

We asked Amanda to meet with our daughter, Charlotte to help her become more organised.  Charlotte has a very busy schedule with not only school work but also a busy and demanding sports training schedule.

Amanda took the time to sit and talk with us and Charlotte about her current timetable and how it was not really working effectively.  Amanda devised a plan and timetable that was not only efficient and easy to follow but also helped Charlotte work towards achieving her goals and helped her feel so much more in control of her time.

Amanda also suggested we change the study to make it more functional, less cluttered, lighter and more comfortable for Charlotte to sit and complete her school work, which we did.  We now have a lovely study that not only looks great but Charlotte enjoys being in.

We found the overall experience to be a positive influence for Charlotte and it certainly helped us as parents, having a child feel so much more in control of her busy schedule.

We look forward to Amanda’s continuing help as Charlotte begins the new school year.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to other parents with children that have busy schedules, who perhaps need some help with their planning. Amanda is definitely the one to help you”.

Belinda and Simon (parent of Charlotte a Year 8 Student at Maribyrnong Secondary College)

“I liked the way Amanda made me feel, comfortable and at ease.  She listened to me and she understood what help I needed.  She made a plan for me which I found easy to follow and helpful.  I went from feeling overwhelmed to in control of my schedule.

My study at home was dark and quite cluttered and she suggested to my parents that they change it to be lighter and fresher, which they did.  I now have my own study space that enables me to work quietly and happily in.

It is now the new school year and I am looking forward to meeting with Amanda to help me again to plan out my busy schedule.  Thanks Amanda for all of your help!”

Year 8 Student, Maribyrnong Secondary College

‘It is always a pleasure having you in my store Amanda, my customers & staff have enjoyed your knowledge you have shared with them all, my workshops have been very successful because of you.  I look forward to working with you in the future.’

Mary Zammit, Manager Howards Storage World Essendon.

‘Before selling our house, I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of de-cluttering and organising I needed to do.  My neighbour suggested I call Amanda and get her help.  Im so glad I did!!  In just a few hours, she helped me, clean out and re-organise my kitchen and pantry, as well as my laundry/linen cupboard.  It made such a big difference to the look and feel of the house and gave me a huge sense of relief once it was done.  Her approach was so simple and I’ve been able to keep it in an organised and tidy state since. I would highly recommend Amanda, not just before selling, but for any time!  Thanks Amanda’

Preparing house for sale client Moonee Ponds

“My son told me he thought your presentation to the students was extremely helpful and that he felt much more organised for high school now.  As a parent I thought the handouts were great, succinct and to the point.  The tips for parents in particular were a useful reminder to follow up on now and in the new year.  I love that my son is feeling less anxious after your presentation.  Thank you for the positive impact it has had on both of us.”

Student and parent from “Getting Organised for Transition Presentation” Moonee Ponds

“I love your down to earth and kind approach.  You have helped me get my business and personal life more organised and I will seek your assistance a few more times until it all becomes habit”.

Time Management Client Ascot Vale

“Many thanks for your recent help in preparing our house for sale. Your ideas for decluttering were always presented in a professional yet friendly manner. We liked the way you proposed alternatives for arrangements of objects or furniture, and gave us options to consider in a very non-critical and non-judgemental way. Just lots of good ideas!

You were able to see possibilities that we hadn’t thought of, and had a great eye for what would look good to enhance a feature, or disguise an unattractive area of the house.

I would highly recommend you to any of my friends or family who might like help preparing a house for sale.

Thanks to you, our house looked great on auction day and sold above our reserve price!”

Preparing house for sale client in Essendon

“I was really motivated afterwards and got a notepad out and wrote down all the things I am planning to clean out and giving myself a deadline of Xmas so I don’t have to spend my Xmas holidays doing it.  My hubby is away next week for 2-3 weeks so I am planning to do a lot then, and I cannot wait.  Thanks heaps for all your tips and motivation.”

Workshop attendee Essendon

“Thank you so much for your assistance helping us get our house ready for sale. The time you spent with us was invaluable. We got so much out of the afternoon you spent with us. Your fresh and practical ideas made our house look amazing”.

Preparing house for sale – Sharyn & Peter Johnston Newtown

“Attending Amanda’s workshop has inspired me to really de-clutter and get organised. Starting off in a small area has given me the motivation to keep going and progress through many areas of the home that I used to find overwhelming. Thanks for the inspiration Amanda!”

Small business owner and mother, Moonee Ponds

“My experience with engaging Amanda Lecaude to work with me in decluttering and reorganising my house was extremely positive. Whilst I found it to be an emotional and physically draining experience Amanda guided me through and was very encouraging, supportive and provided me with various options and possibilities. I had decided I was ready to change the way I was living and move forward.  Seeing my home at the end of the day was amazing, knowing that each cupboard throughout the whole place had been decluttered and organised.  Amanda also worked with my 8 year old son in this process, she was encouraging and assisted him in sorting through his things and enabling him to make decisions about what he needed and wanted.   I also felt it was easier to part with things knowing that Amanda was going to donate these to people in need ie baby clothes to a refugee foundation”.

Family client Kensington

“There is nothing Amanda wouldn’t do to make her clients happy and I would recommend her services to anyone who is either in the process of selling and moving or just needs a bit of organisation in their life – Organising You truly is the BEST!!!”   

Preparing house for sale and relocated overseas client from Moonee Ponds

“I just want to thank-you so much for helping me to organise my home.

Its been over three months since you helped me now, and I’m so happy to say that I’ve been able to easily maintain the systems that you established for me.  I used to procrastinate when putting clothes away after washing them, as there simply didn’t seem to be enough room for them.  Now that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!)  has a place, the simple task of popping things back where they go (and fit!!) is effortless. I can now see what I own! I no longer feel so out of control!

I am generally quite an organised person, and I never ever thought that I would be engaging the services of a professional organiser to help me with my home. I must admit that when we first chatted about it, I felt so embarrassed that I was feeling overwhelmed by the apparently simple task of making my belongings fit into my space.  However, having you come into my home and work with me for just a few hours, having a ‘fresh’ set of eyes focus on the problem, and having you wealth of knowledge and ideas about sensible and cost-effective storage ideas – has helped me so much and has made such a difference to me.

There now seems to be ‘space’ for everything.  The wardrobe doors actually close! I can see, and easily find, everything I own, and things are not cluttered or jammed in together. The simple task of putting clothes away has actually become a very simple task, and no longer requires effort.

Thank-you for your time, your advice and expertise – your help has made such a difference to my home!”

Wardrobe client in Brunswick

“Following our move back into our newly renovated home, we used Organising You to help us arrange our kitchen cupboards, pantry and laundry in a way that was efficient and orderly.  Amanda’s help was invaluable in terms of allowing us to maximise our cupboard space and put the things we use daily in easily accessible locations.  Over the past few weeks, it’s made a big difference in terms of us feeling organised and being able to find things quickly and easily.  We’ve also found a home for everything we own, which I wasn’t sure was possible.  I would highly recommend Amanda & Organising You to anyone who is eager to get their household organisation up to scratch!” 

At home client Clifton Hill

“It took me a long time to write what it meant for me to have Amanda come through my house and organise it, because I had a lot to say.  It has been life changing and life giving.

My life has gone through some dynamic changes over the past 6 years and combined with neglect through business and apathy, my home was in a state.  I desperately wanted a more organised home that was easy to manage an maintain and eventually move.  It had become overwhelming to know where to begin and how to continue seemed exhausting and completely beyond me.

The ‘collections’ of things from many different ages and stages of my life and that of my family cluttered every cupboard and shelf of my home.  Amanda painstakingly went through boxes of papers, reorganised furniture and shifted things from one shelf to another several times, she put those things that are only used itermittedly in a space that you didn’t access all the time, she sorted dolls, and shifted through craft boxes.  She held my hand for the hard stuff.

Amanda’s gentle guidance but decisive nature steered me through this huge and some times emotionally difficult project with such understanding, patience and efficiency that it inspired me to keep going.  We achieved so mush in 3 short (though they were very long) productive days.  I am so very grateful and everyday I smile because I can now keep up with the organisation of my home. ‘Organising You’ and she did.  Thanks Amanda.”

At home client Geelong

“Amanda is literally the most organised person I have ever known, let alone worked with.  She manages to get things in order in the most professional and friendly manner, with a great ability to understand what will work for the individuals involved after she’s completed the task of getting things in order.” 

Business Client Melbourne

“I very nervously made contact with Amanda feeling totally inadequate as I never thought I needed organising.  Being a very busy person all my life and generally on top of things I suddenly felt in a big hole – feeling so overwhelmed at the endurance I needed to keep up as I approached my retirement age.  Due to a family illness some 14 years ago our life had changed dramatically.  After managing everything for all those years I realised I need help – BIG HELP – so I called in the wonderful Amanda.  After a few amazing session I now have a spacious office, everything at my finger tips and a far more efficent office space.  She was so good we attacked the so called ‘Garage’ resulting in that I now have space to use for my hobbies with all the area I have gained.  Thanks Amanda – I highly recommend her to everyone to get organised!” 

Home office client in Ashburton

“My only regret being I didn’t think of professional help 10 years ago.  I especially recommend your services for persons who are incapacitated and no longer able to keep up with their life.  Thanks again for your help and the difference it has made.  Your company was a delight, making a difficult task a breeze.  I am finding it quicker and far easier to gather my things for errands.  The bedroom now brings me peace and I switch on the torch just to look at the decluttered neatness and smile before I go to sleep, no longer dreading what I’d be facing the next day.”

At home client in Keilba