Get to know Amanda

As an organising expert I’m often asked if my home is organised and neat all the time and the answer is a definite NO.  Yes, my house is generally tidy and I know where everything is but I am human like everyone and from time to time I too get busy and let things go.

The key difference to being organised is not so much about tidiness (although that’s a side benefit), but about having some systems and processes everyone in the family knows and understands – which means we can pull it back together when we have time and it doesn’t usually take too long.

Now I share my organising skills and instincts to help others achieve balance at home, work or at school.  And I love it.

For me it isn’t about living in the perfect space but having a functional and practical space where everything has a home and where people feel comfortable living.  It is also about ensuring my clients, including students, are organised, productive and living the life they want.

Organising You was founded in 2011 after a close friend suggested I should use my natural organising and decluttering skills to assist others.  Since that time we have also founded Organising Students where we equip students with simple and effective organisational and time management skills crucial to their success and enjoyment of school and life.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a born organiser with excellent time management skills.

I have juggled a corporate career, a household and a young family and I really do understand the demands placed on our time and the impact disorganisation and clutter can have on day to day life.  It can be overwhelming.  We seem to get busier and busier – and expect more from ourselves too.

I love being able to help people – my clients – get organised.

I see the difference it makes in their everyday lives, just to have a way to create some TIME, SPACE and BALANCE!

My clients tell me that the key benefits of working with me are that I:

    • am down to earth,
    • am enthusiastic and energetic
    • am open, honest and trusting
    • am non judgemental, respect confidentiality and privacy
    • will work side by side with you
    • can share my organising knowledge freely throughout the process
    • can teach organising skills to everyone no matter how young or old
    • have a real passion for helping others.

I have been an Expert Member (having completed over 750 hours of professional organising work) of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) and previously served on the Executive Committee as the Vice President for two years.  Unfortunately this industry body has since folded.

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