Individual student support – 1:1


Does any of this sound familiar?

So you have a son or daughter who is a student and sometimes you’re not sure they’re on top of things, and not sure how to help?  They:

    • seem unsure of what homework needs to be completed and when it is due
    • they are struggling with getting the marks they are capable of in tests or examsimage of daughter at a desk being watched by her mum at the door
    • seem overwhelmed and not sure where to start?
    • struggle with time and the management of a student planner/diary
    • works late until the night before in order to complete a task
    • sometimes or regularly miss project deadlines
    • don’t appear to understand the difference between homework and study/revision
    • are irritable, snappy and stressed or quiet and withdrawn
    • have a cluttered and disorganised desk or bedroom
    • have a school bag or locker full of ‘stuff’, the contents of which is largely unknown to them or anyone else.

There is a solution!


The Student Success Program 

The student success program focuses on the development of a detailed student success plan to assist students to take responsibility for their school work, activities and time.

This approach is tailored individually and the outcomes are based on a student’s own needs and learning requirements.  This detailed student success plan includes recommendations and focuses on the following 10 key areas for the student to follow:

  1. goal setting
  2. mindset & motivation
  3. personal space
  4. study space
  5. locker & backpack organisation
  6. paper & electronic management of school work and materials
  7. planning/calendar – routines
  8. time management & tracking
  9. homework strategies
  10. study skills – understanding the learning/study cycle, note taking, revision and preparing for tests and exams.

Naturally no two students are the same and the student success plan will identify the key focus points for each student – some may need to focus on all of the above areas whilst others may only need to focus on a few.

This program is designed for students from Year 7-12 (though I have worked with primary school aged students too) and is suitable for all students including those with special needs and learning difficulties such as Executive Function, ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism.

Key outcomes of the program include:

  • equipping students with their own tool kit and strategies they can use to assist them at school and in life
  • developing a list of goals and habits allowing students to have a clear understanding of what they want to change to improve their academic success
  • being more organised and motivated with better systems and processes in place to maximise their success
  • being more effective with their time – therefore being able to achieve their homework and study deadlines with decreased stress & anxiety
  • having organised systems to support their everyday learning and organisation
  • a space that works for them to maximise comfort and success
  • being more organised with effective notes and study strategies.


What your child can expect from this program:

image of school boy

  • more likely to succeed at school and in life by planning and taking action
  • develop independent problem-solving skills
  • be happier and more confident
  • greater motivation and being more in control of their time
  • experience less stress, anxiety and feel less overwhelmed.

What are the steps involved to get started?

Step 1 – contact us for a brief consultation.quote learning to study smarter not harder

Step 2 –  arrange the initial student organising session (this can be in person or online via zoom) with the student and parent/s to discuss the student’s goals and objectives and what is important to them.  We have developed an extensive questionnaire that we step through in order to get a clear picture of what the current challenges are whilst discussing both strengths and weaknesses of the student.

Following this session, you will be provided with a detailed student success plan which will identify the key areas of focus and recommendations for the student moving forward.

Step 3 – discuss and review the student success plan.  Depending upon the key focus points outlined in the plan, a tailored approach for the student success program will be discussed and agreed upon moving forward.

Step 4 – schedule sessions where we begin working with the student 1:1 to address all the key areas of focus as agreed.  The aim of these student organising sessions is to work with the student on establishing new skills and habits.

Student Success Program Options

Our experience tells us that one or two sessions are usually not enough to see a change in habits.  The focus of this program is on sustained long-term change and building success.  All sessions are an opportunity for the student to share success, concerns and struggles as well as learn strategies to assist them in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

  • Student success plan
    This is the first step that all students must go through before any programs begin.
  • 8 week program
    These weekly, fortnightly, or more spaced out sessions (over the school year), allow the student to stay focused on their goals and achieve the change/s required to meet their goals.
  • Full term program
    This operates very similar to the 8 week plan above with the only difference being that this program sees a session scheduled every week for a full school term (usually between 10-12 weeks).  Usually the more regular the sessions and the longer we work together a student is more likely to see significant changes to their habits.
  • Shorter term program
    This program (usually between 2-4 weeks in length) follows an agreed plan and approach for those students who already have many of the required time management, organisation and study skills though need assistance to further enhance these skills to see them achieve their goals.
  • One off sessions
    As noted before one off sessions with students very rarely see any changes to the way they organise or manage themselves.  However, having said that these sessions can still be discussed as an option.  Usually when one off sessions occur they are with past students and used to reinforce particular skills or strategies or to work with a student to address a specific issue, exam preparation or planning.

How do sessions work?

All sessions run for 30 minutes or 1 hour and are usually conducted virtually.   In our experience, virtual sessions these days are as good as face to face sessions due to the technology available with the use of google docs, spreadsheets and screen sharing.  The sessions are very interactive and students are encouraged to be involved.

A student session typically includes:

  • a catch up/check in – discussion around how the student is going at school and what they have been up to at both school and in life.
  • review of habits and how they are tracking – from the outset a student determines the habits they wish to change and at each session we track these using a habits graph and have a discussion on how they are following through or not and what is or isn’t working for them.
  • discussion around developing or strengthening skills – we discuss what skills, strategies or tools they need to learn or build upon to assist them at that particular point in time.
  • agree on action items – at the end of each session we finish with a review of action items the student needs to commit to between now and the next session.

Parents can access all documents at any time to see how their child is going and are encouraged to provide ongoing support and encouragement.

Don’t just take our word for it

You are encouraged to hear from others as to their experience of the Student Success Program.

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you & your child are ready to take the next step in getting more organised and maximising their potential, please get in touch to learn how we can support you and your child with this program: email  or call 0409 967 166.

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