Below is a brief outline of a variety of packages we offer to assist you to create TIME, SPACE and BALANCE in your life.  We are happy to discuss these in more detail with you and once we know the scope of your project we can find the best option that will suit your needs and budget.

Tailored package

Most of our clients find this works best for them – Organising You’s Amanda Lecaude will have an initial discussion with you, during which she will assess your needs and the project and talk through rates that will work for you, any additional expenses that might arise (for example, document destruction or storage items) and the organising services you require.

Organising Students

Organising Students’ Student Success Program is working with student 1:1 to maximise their potential at school and in life.  This program runs for 8 weeks and is tailored based on individual thinking & learning styles – click here for further information.

Organised Action Plan

For those who feel they can do the project themselves and just need a bit of help to get started.  This option provides a plan to follow, developed after a consultation, during which we review your organising challenges and provide you with a detailed report and action plan including strategies to assist you with the process so you can tackle the organising journey yourself.  We will provide you with a fee for this service depending on how extensive the plan needs to be at the time of the initial consultation. 

Virtual Organising Consultations

It may be that you just need someone to give you an organised action plan to get you started and you can do the work yourself; or perhaps you just live a fair way away.  In either case, perhaps a virtual consultation is the solution for you.  This can be done via the phone, Facetime or Skype.  After the initial consultation you begin work within a pre-determined timeframe using the tools and resources recommended by Amanda.  We can chat on a regular basis, track your progress and discuss upcoming tasks.  During this process you can ask questions during these regular chats or outside of this you can email for advice.

Workshops and Public Speaking

Organising You’s director Amanda Lecaude is an experienced presenter who has conducted workshops and training throughout her corporate career, and as an organising expert.  She has recently presented many workshops for businesses and schools.  Amanda’s organising workshops focus on sharing her knowledge and experience with attendees so they too can be organised.  For further information click here.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are available for you to give to friends or family to help them declutter and get organised.  These can be for a set dollar amount or can be for a custom designed packaged to suit their needs and your budget.  Please note that organising sessions will only be productive if the potential recipient is receptive and wants to get organised.

So you are now either ready to begin getting the TIME, SPACE and BALANCE right in your life or you would like to have a further discussion about finding the best package for you, please contact Amanda today on 0409 967 166 or