10 things you don’t know about me

Amanda-photo-circle-smallRecently one of my professional organiser buddies in the US wrote a blog very similar to this and I asked her if she minded me using the same idea – of which she naturally responded go for it.  While I often share information on my blog and in my posts there is quite a lot I don’t share.

Here are 10 things about me that you are unlikely to know:
    1. I can speak Japaneseafter spending 12 months as an exchange student in Japan in 1988 I returned to complete Yr 12 Japanese and then completed a double degree in Arts (Japanese) and Business (Marketing).
    2. I love to travel – this could be anywhere as there is always something to learn or see and I find it fascinating to do with my family and friends.  One of my longest trips was when my husband and I spent 4 months backpacking around the world in 2000.
    3. My family has a pugalier named Tilly – she is 2 1/2 years old. tilly
    4. I don’t live in a perfect, organised magazine like home – I often get asked about my home and like everyone you have to live in it to suit your lifestyle.  I have a family and at times it can be a little messy however I do have systems and processes in place to pull it back rather than let it get further out of control.  (Here is a link to a blog I wrote on this – click here)
    5. I love to spend time reading but sadly these days it is often limited to when I am on holidays.
    6. My first ever job as an organiser was when I was invited by another organiser to help her with a client.  It was great hands on experience and I learnt many things.  The strangest thing was that I found an urn of ashes in the cupboard and had no idea what it was initially.  Since then I have come across them many times and at least now I know what they are!
    7. I enjoy good food and wine and love to cook!  I actually find spending time in the kitchen relaxing and love to use good quality produce and cook from scratch – my thermomix has been one of my best investments not only does it help with this it saves so much time too.
    8. Playing sport has always been a passion of mine though sadly I have had to give most of it up including running due to having very little cartilage in my knees.  I’m still a regular at my local gym and swim from time to time.
    9. My nickname is Panda and it started when I was born with my father giving mum a big panda bear and the fact that it rhymed with Amanda.
    10. I have two boys – now 10 and 13. They are both very different personalities and love playing sport including cricket, soccer and tennis.
    11. Bonus –  I often mention this but want to mention again – I love being an organising expert, teaching and sharing my organising and time management skills.  I love making a difference to others lives and I probably get as much satisfaction as my clients do when they feel they have achieved something!
Hopefully you now feel like you know me a bit more!