A great organising product that might work for you

Whilst working with a client recently we were discussing what solution might work best for hanging hats and caps for her family. Fortunately at around the same time I was made aware of a product by Like –It (a Japanese company) which allows you to turn any vertical door space in your home into a storage space.

The product is named Door Hook and is has very strong straps and does not require any tools for installation. like-it-door-hook-8 (1)

What my client and I really loved about it was that the hooks are adjustable and can be moved up or down to accommodate the height of what it is you want to hang. In this instance we used it for hats and caps but you could use it for other things like bags, scarfs or other items you hang.

like it door hookEach hook can hold up to 1.5kgs and the items you hang won’t slip with the constant opening and closing of doors.

If this is something that you think might work in your place and help to solve an organising challenge you have then you can find it online at www.petersofkensington.com.au At this stage this is the only place I have been able to find it for sale.

Please do let me know what you think if you purchase it!