Simple ways of getting rid of items for free

We all have those items that we no longer need but still might be of use to someone else.  Once you have made a decision to let something go then it is time to move it on.  If it is still in good working order then why not see if someone else might want it rather than send it to landfill.  Sometimes it is the not knowing what to do with items that holds us back in actually doing something about them or making a start.

If you are about to do some spring cleaning in your place then here are some simple ways of getting rid of items for free:

  • Gumtreegumtree logo -Simple ways of getting rid of items you no longer need for freeover the years I have regularly used Gumtree to donate both my own personal items and that of clients.  There are many people in need and if you have items in good condition ie mattresses at least they can be reused rather than just sent to landfill.  On one ocassion, I was emptying out a deceased estate for a client, and in one day, having posted items from furniture to electical items in the morning they were gone by that evening.
  • Freecycle – the Freecycle Network is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns.
  • Zilch – amazing free stuff given away every day.  If you have any items such as books, clothes, baby items, furniture then you can use this to declutter and keep out of landfill.
  • Facebook – There are a lot of local groups in your area that you can put items on to see if others might want them.  If you are not sure sometimes just asking your friends on social media for recommendations can be useful.
  • Kids Off The Kerb – Do you have white goods that you no longer require? Then check out this group who collect them for free and recycle them.
  • Donations to charities – however beware that it is often useful to check with a charity to confirm they accept the donation that you are making.  For instance many charities won’t take electrical items.  It is easy to pick up the phone and call your local charity or research them online before making donations.
  • Council pick upsimage of junk lying around for council collection - Simple ways of getting rid of items you no longer need for freemany local councils offer a pick up service for items you no longer need. You can check out when the dates are online or by giving them a call.  I know we have ours coming up in the next few months which can be handy for putting out items and often they are taken by others prior to the council coming.  Personally I don’t have an issue with this however there is a bit of debate as to whether this is legal or not – click here to read a recent article about this on the ABC.

I trust this might prompt you into taking action to free yourself and your space of those items that you no longer need or want around! Use one of these simple ways of getting rid of items you no longer need for free!  HAPPY SPRING!

If you would like any assistance to declutter your space please do get in touch for a chat to see how I might be able to help – send me an email or get in touch on
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