What hidden treasures might you have?

What hidden treasures might you have in your home that you may or may not even remember having?hidden treasures - house and garden magazine from 1955

hidden treasures - house and garden magazine from 1955When working with a client recently we came across these hidden treasures from the 1950’s – several House and Garden magazines along with a Playboy magazine (which was actually very tame in comparison to what you can access these days).  We also found a newspaper from 1940!   Naturally my client kept hold of these being the age they were rather than just throwing them out in the recycle with the many other more recent magazines we found.  My client in fact actually knew these magazines were somewhere in her home however they were not actually being looked after and were just thrown in a container.  This can be an issue!hidden treasures - playboy magazine from 1950's

The point of this BLOG is to say that we all probably have hidden treasures in our homes though unless they are actually being looked after then they may not be treasures for long.  I regularly come across such treasures when working with clients.  Another recent find was a cushion from the Melbourne Olympic Games at the MCG in 1956.  In my experience however usually the items are not being cared for.  Often they are just in a pile with other miscellaneous items thrown in a box rather than being kept with other treasures in one place.

There is no right or wrong answer as to whether you should pack away your treasures or actually display them.  It depends on what works for you, your household and how these treasures make you feel.  However it is important for those treasures you do pack away that you know what is there, where they are, that you protect them as best you can from the elements and pack them away more carefully.

Some of the treasures we hold on to are family heritage or personal collections that are precious to us.  Therefore proper care and maintenance of any family heirlooms and other items will ensure that they are available for future generations to enjoy.  As I am not an expert in this area I encourage you to seek information, online, in books or other sources, to find out the best way to care for items that you either want to display or pack away.

You may also be feeling that it might also be time for you to part with your treasures, as they no longer have the meanings or purpose they once did.  If this is the case but you are struggling to let them go then it might be worth you reading this BLOG I wrote on Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter.

Should you need some help decluttering to look and find your treasures, then please do get in touch to find out how I can help!