Is the cost of using an organising expert worth it?

Many potential clients would love to hire me but are often worried about the cost.

So is the cost of using an organising expert worth it?

In my view and that of the many clients who have used my services in the past 6 years YES!

image of a room with clutterIt’s like anything that costs us money we usually have a need and then purchase something to service that need whether it be a product or a service.  It is up to each individual to make their own decisions about what they are willing to spend in order to have their need/s fulfilled.  In this instance we are specifically talking about using an organising expert to help to get something organised whether that areas like a room or space ie a kitchen, multiple rooms or spaces, a whole house, an office, or to even set up systems or processes that improve productivity and time management.

Some time ago, a potential client said to me that she thought my packages were expensive.  After discussion about how long she had led a cluttered life and the stress it was causing her it was agreed that my rates being charged really were insignificant.   This was even more evident when we further discussed her issues and what I could do to assist her to solve them probably in one or two visits.  Following that discussion I can tell you that is what we ended up doing and this client started the new year (a few years ago now) much more organised.  In the end I actually ended up even working with her for more hours than originally I was booked in for!

So now let me ask you a few key questions so you can decide:

  • How much time do you spend looking for paperwork or other items?
  • How much stress, overwhelm and anxiety does your clutter cause you?
  • Do you always look at that room and say “I must get to that”?
  • How much do you spend on purchasing organising or storage solutions that you never really use or use effectively?
  • Are there items taking up space and you no longer want or need?
  • How many times do you think to yourself that you don’t have enough storage?
  • Or one step further do you pay for external storage?
  • What is your clutter preventing you from doing?
  • A saying that I like to use regularly is Clutter = Visual Noise.
  • Are you missing items that you know you have but can’t find?
  • You’d love to get more organised but don’t know where to start?

Would you now agree that a few hours of my services would likely cost you less than if you added up the cost of the points above to you from both a health and monetary value?

On top of this what about the other benefits my clients receive like:

  • discussing with you what your goals and visions are and why they are important to you;
  • having someone supportive to work through any tough decisions you need to make (all your doing and just questions and guidance from me to assist you);
  • keep you focused on the task at hand and the outcomes you are seeking;
  • provide ideas on what to do with items you no longer want or need – like where to donate, what can be potentially sold for a few extra $;
  • create a tailored organising solution that works for you alone; and
  • providing you with tips, tools and suggestions to help you create better habits and make long-term organisational improvements.  My clients all learn that maintenance is the key!

Many people think organising is something everyone should be capable of doing, just like mowing the lawn.  The truth is it’s just not.  Just as there are those professionals who help in other areas of our lives (such as preparing our taxes, selling our homes, providing financial advice, there are those whose profession it is to help others organise themselves to live the life they want and create more time, space and balance.  At the end of the day, an organising expert is just like any other specialist.  They can help you when you need their specific skills.

Don’t just take my word for it – read what some of my clients have had to say:

  • “I like the way you approach both the organising and me – it feels very much like you are helping me to get what I want done but find very hard to do myself. You don’t impose order, you work with me to discover it. That’s very cool.”
  • “She could relate to me and my disorganisation without judgement and this immediately allowed me to feel comfortable and safe.  It was an even better process than I had imagined.  I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, refreshed and invigorated to keep the new processes she implemented with me in place.  An uncluttered house, is an uncluttered mind”.
  • “Following a kitchen renovation, I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I needed to get back into my kitchen and figuring out where to put it all. Amanda was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and I was so glad I called upon her services. In just a few hours she had my kitchen organised and a logical home for everything. I learnt a few things about myself in the process and some tips that will help to keep me more organised in the future”.
  • “I am totally amazed and so grateful of the transformation you’ve helped us with.  The work isn’t quite finished yet but it’s still like living in a different and spacious home”.
  • “I love your down to earth and kind approach.  You have helped me get my business and personal life more organised and I will seek your assistance a few more times until it all becomes habit”.

I can honestly tell you I have never had a client say to me that it wasn’t worth it (after the fact).   So if this is something you have been thinking about why not get in touch to discuss what you’d like to do and achieve and together we can make this happen – you can call me on 0409 967 166 or email me.  I look forward to making a difference to your life as I have to that of many others!