Decluttering – What happens to my clients stuff?

When I work with clients on decluttering and getting organised, the outcome is that there are usually many excess items they no longer require or want in their spaces.

I regularly get asked by people what do you do or they do with the stuff they no longer want?  Keep reading below for the answers to this common decluttering question.

Decluttering – items of value – selling is an option

For items with a value I usually discuss with my client whether it is worth the time, effort and sometimes money, in trying to sell something.  For some items it definitely can be and depending upon what they are I usually can recommend places, websites or people to get in touch with to assist.

image of antique dealer to get rid of items from declutteringSome of the sources my clients have used to sell items include:

  • antique and second hand dealers
  • gumtree
  • ebay
  • other specialised websites for specific items


Homes for stuff – charities

Unfortunately often there can be quite a bit of rubbish when sorting through stuff but where possible I usually help my clients to identify things that can possibly recycled rather than just going to landfill.

As a an extra service to my clients, on the day of service, I usually take away items that they no longer require other than rubbish.  As part of this process we usually discuss if they have a preference for where things should be donated.  Nine times out of ten the clients are just happy for it to be removed and are just pleased to see that it will be given to someone else, usually in need, for them to use.

Over the years I have provided many items to various charities including:

Other homes for stuff

Other uses or places for items where I have given bits and pieces over the years have included:

  • Metal coat hangers in good condition being returned to the local dry cleaners for re use.picture of a metal coathanger
  • Blankets and towels delivered to the lost dogs home or even pet shops.
  • Cardboard is usually put into the recycling or taken to the transfer station for the same purpose.
  • Many transfer stations also take other items for recycling like tv’s, computers, printers, cables, books, paper etc.  You need to check our local transfer station to see what they take at no charge.
  • Often things like dress ups, toys, games and books in good condition have been donated to local schools or kindergartens.
  • image of old bicycleOld bicycles can often be reused and repurposed and are taken and then fixed up by many local charities.
  • Gumtree or Zilch have been another valuable sources to get rid of unwanted items that can still serve a purpose for someone else.  For many of my clients who list items for free they are usually snapped up very quickly.


Do you have any other sources or places where you like to recycle or donate items?  I am only more than happy to include them on my donation list for the future too. 

If you’d like assistance to undertake some decluttering of your own and get more organised then please get in touch – or call me on 0409 967 166.