Making the most of vertical space

Have you used vertical space well in your home?  Do you lack storage space in your home?  If the answer is yes or even if it isn’t you might like to consider utilising your vertical space.

image of jewellery hanging on the inside of a wardrobe cupboard using the vertical space

Image: pinterest

What is vertical space and why use it?

Vertical space is one of the best strategies you can use for storage and in particular for those living in small spaces.  When I work with clients there is always an opportunity to use vertical space better to store items.  By doing this you can increase the storage capacity in a wardrobe, kitchen cupboard, pantry, laundry cupboard, garage and the list goes on.  Most of the time vertical space has not even been considered as an option.


Ideas to maximise vertical space

There are many different places you can utilise vertical space including:

image of tiered shelf rack to store cans on In the kitchen

  • In the pantry you can use stacking shelves so you can create multiple layers of grocery items rather than wasting the space on a shelf by having one lot of tins for example.
  • On the inside door of a pantry you could have a spice rack or set up a variety of different shelves to house other items.

    image courtesy of ownerbuildernetwork

    image: courtesy of ownerbuildernetwork

  • Another idea on the inside of a door is to have hooks to hang your tea-towels, oven mitts and aprons too.
  • You can also use a magazine holder or something similar to store items on the inside of a cupboard.
image of shoe organiser to store shoes and clothes and scarves using the vertical space

source: pinterest


In the wardrobe

  • there are many ideas available on the internet to assist with wardrobes so check them out.
  • if you have a walk-in-robe then you can use all the spare wall space to gain extra storage space.  By adding a few hooks you can hang all sorts of different items like bathrobes, scarves, jewellery, hats, caps and the list goes on.
image of wire racks on the inside of the door storing hair dryers and hair straighteners using the vertical space

image: pinterest


  • using the inside cupboards to hang hairdryers or straighteners with hooks.
  • use the back of the doors to hang multiple towels.

    image of bathroom door with 3 towel rails using the vertical space

    image: courtesy of Martha Stewart





One of the easiest ways to utilise any vertical space is to add more shelving. Work out what it is you need to store and adjust or build additional shelves in to the right height.

If you’d like some assistance to maximise storage and space in your home then please get in touch.  I regularly work with clients providing them with ideas to solve their storage dilemmas.