6 things I question about the Konmari method of organising

There has been a great deal written about the Konmari method of organising and now as an organising expert I’d like to share mine.  Having worked with many different clients during my 5 years of business, I wanted to let you know based on my experience and expertise, what I have seen work when it comes to getting organised and pose questions around a few methods outlined by the Konmari approach.

image of Marie Kondo's book The life changing magic of tidying up - the konmari method of organisingIf you are not sure what the Konmari method of organising by Marie Kondo is click here to read my previous blog.  As I mentioned in that post Marie should be congratulated for her writing the books she has written and in turn spreading the word about the importance of organisation in our daily lives.

6 things I question about the Konmari method

The overall principles of the Konmari method of organising are sound and as mentioned previously are what I have used and continue to use when working with my clients.  However I do have a few fundamental issues with several approaches outlined in the book:

  • Ones size fits all – I don’t believe this one size fits all approach will work for everyone and in particular when it mentions ‘if you didn’t succeed you are not doing it right’.  When working with clients I believe it is really important to listen in the first instance and then tailor an organising solution that will work for them.  By doing this they not only have a solution but something they are more likely to maintain. Having said that if the Konmari organising method works as is for you that’s great go ahead and follow it!
  • Organising everything in one big session – It is suggested that the way to get organised is to do it all in one epic session.  This is not ideal based on my experience and can lead to further unnecessary overwhelm and stress.  I usually recommend starting in one area and moving on as you can rather than pulling everything out in one go.  Follow your own instincts and don’t try this approach if you think this’s might be an issue for you.
  • Image Maintenance is the key - never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today - not really a focus of the konmari method of organisingYou organise once and it’s done – Marie’s approach is that once it’s organised it should stay that way, and that you won’t have clutter again by organising this way, which in principal are great things to believe and state.   In reality though this is probably not going to to be the case.  In my experience I personally believe she misses one of the main fundamentals of organising which is the maintenance aspect.   As an organising expert we know that maintenance is the key and this is not a focus of this method at all. For more information on the importance of maintenance click here to read a blog I wrote recently.
  • One needs to adjust to changes in ones life – Continuing on from the point above, is that often over time things change and you need to adjust to different life changes, such as having children.  I’m not sure the Konmari method of organising really caters to these changes that do occur in our lives.
  • There is a big difference between tidy and organising – The meaning of tidy is to arrange neatly and in order.  With this concept in mind then the focus of this method is that one really only tidies the clutter.  When an organiser works with a client we actually initially focus on assisting them to make decisions to deal with their clutter first before creating organising solutions around what remains.
  • Folding all clothes – I personally think this can be a great idea however folding all one’s clothes takes a great deal of commitment and time to do for everything and I wonder for many if this is actually sustainable?

Naturally, please be aware that these are my views only, and if the Konmari method works for you then go ahead and please follow it.

Let me leave you with something I always say to my clients though – ‘there is no one way to organise something it is really what works for you that matters‘.   So maybe adopt the bits you like about this method and leave those you don’t think will work for you!

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