Diaries – Paper or Digital?

It is that time of year again when we start getting dates to remember for the year ahead. We think about a diary and whether or not we will continue using the same method or not moving forward to capture the necessary information for our lives.

Personally I like a to use a paper diary as I like to see it visually in front of me and it gives me a real sense of time which I don’t get from digital options. It also has a certain amount of solidness as I get to touch it and hold it in my hands. I know some of you will probably say what about if you lose it and have no back up? I take great care with my diary and to be honest that is never a worry to me. I also find it faster, doesn’t require a password and it never runs out of battery or freezes and things don’t mysteriously go missing! Image of a diary cover for 2018

What about you? Are you a paper or electronic diary user? Or do you really not know what to use?

I know many of my friends and colleagues have now converted to digital diaries and these have advantages like:

  • being able to use reminders and alarms;
  • having your address book and phone book integrated;
  • being backed up electronically (in most cases – if you have it set up correctly);
  • only needing to input regularly occurring information once ie birthdays, training sessions which saves time; and
  • the ability to sync with others particularly family members.

electronic diaryI know all of the above and even still I cannot yet convert to using an digital diary format – maybe one day!

My advice is to make sure what whatever method you use that you ensure that you record information for dates and appointments in one diary and not in multiple places. Don’t duplicate your efforts or create systems that conflict with each other if you do like to use a mixture of both methods.

At the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer to which diary method is better. It really depends upon you as an individual and what works or doesn’t work for you! The main aim is that whatever diary you use that it captures and allows you to complete the tasks and responsibilities in both your personal and professional life. The diary you choose has a job to do in allowing you to manage your time and tasks effectively.

Remember that either digital or paper is okay and stop worrying what everyone else is using – I know I have!

So what diary format are you going to use next year?

PS If you are looking for a diary for students I highly recommend a week to a page and no less – they have a tendency to not see ahead very well.