Letting you in on a little secret

As a professional organiser I’m often asked if my home is organised and neat all the time and the answer is a definite NO. Yes my house is generally tidy and I know where everything is but I am human like everyone else and from time to time I too get busy and let things go.

The BEFORE photo you are seeing was my desk at the start of August this year when I returned from my 8 week trip, attending the National Association of Professional Organisers Conference and holidaying with my family in the US and Canada.

My Desk Before and After July and Sept 2014

The AFTER is pretty much what it looks like today. The key difference to being organised is not so much about tidiness (although that is a key benefit) but about having some systems and processes, which means I was able to pull it back. Whilst it might look perfect to you, it is the type of space I know that I need to have to start my working day in order to function and be productive. Mind you during the day I do have papers, folders and notes open all over my desk and it can look untidy again.

At the end of the day I practice what I preach and that is following one of my tips I often share about staying organised and not being complicated. Whether it is the office or home keep it simple and practical so it is something incorporated into your everyday life. For example, start and end the day with a clear desk space; allow those 5-10 minutes to file or put everything away.

You need to find out what organised looks and feels like for you remembering it can be different for all of us. If you are feeling your desk is out of control and not the space you would like to work in then please don’t despair. My advice is to take one step at a time – even if that means spending regular short blocks of time sorting through the information and finding homes for it.

Why not give it a go and see if you can turn your space into an environment that works for you.

If after giving it a go or if you feel you are really not sure where and how to start then give me a call – offices are my thing and I love helping clients organise this space in their homes or businesses.